Depression Dare

It's thinking you're on the right track
finding a cure by looking at things like this and that,
when really, it has almost nothing to do with real life.
It's a kind of knife
that stabs you in the back.
Real life is living,
not thinking about living.
Only thinking about living,
is being in a state,
of being afraid of going there.
Because what you're afraid of,
doesn't come from outside,
I hope, this poem is one step,
That can make you lessen your hide.
Take the lead,
Because even you being afraid is fine.
And you'll feel fine,
Because you know,
that feeling fine,
is quite alright.
It'll turn into a state,
Where you no longer have to debate,
About how to deal with everything in the proper way.
It's all yours, hey 😉
It's your way.
And that's the good way.

© , 2021

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